Motor CAD Models

Does anyone know if/where 2D drawings or 3D models of the motors (X,Y,Z) may reside? I am modeling my frame build in Fusion and want to add in the motors and brackets. I found the brackets in the community garden but couldn’t locate the models of the motors themselves.

Any help would be appreciated.

I modeled up both the X-Y motors in Fusion 360. Credit to @StephenMcG for the Z-Axis motor. I have links below to the models, you can download them as .stp files to import them into other 3D programs, or as a .dxf as a starting point to draw them flat of them in AutoCAD.

X-Y Motor:
X-Y Motor Bracket:

Z Motor:



Thank you very much. These will work perfectly. Thanks again for helping out. My skills with Fusion are advancing pretty rapidly. Still working out the CAM side of things but the modeling side is pretty similar to AC so I am coming up to speed pretty quickly. the CAM side has me a bit stumped with all of the settings options. The file you sent me last week helped a lot.

Hey, while I have your ear. In Fusion, what exactly is a post processor and do I need to have the one for the Maslow?


Not a problem, glad I could help. If you need help with the CAM side of Fusion, there are some pretty good pointers in this video:

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. Either me, or someone else in the community, will be more than happy to answer.

A post processor is a program that takes the toolpaths generated by Fusion and converts it into G-Code that the Maslow can read. It is specific to the machine, as it creates the code in a way that makes it very easy for the firmware to interpret and send commands to the machine’s hardware. Originally, we used the GRBL post that comes with Fusion to generate our code. It does a good job of creating “generic” G-Code that many routers can understand. However, the AutoDesk team was nice enough to write a post specific to our machine, which only uses command that is already implemented.

Link to download the post is located in the first post this thread:

And here are instructions on how to set it up so that Fusion will be able to use it:


Wow, ok that was also very helpfull. I will try out the Maslow Post and go from there. Thanks again!

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I have importet a .DXF file to Motor CAD and tried to simulate.

It reported something like:

----> Faild to create Mesh, more then one internal point…

I have solved the problem. The point was that I had doubled lines.


  1. Click on every line in you .DXF model. NOT ALL LINES AT ONE, but every line individualy. You have to hold the SHIFT button.

  2. Rotate all your lines for (lets say) 20°. You will see that your whole drawing has rotated but there are still some line and maybe point on the original position. These lines/points were doubled. Delete all lines/points that are still on the original position.

  3. Rotate your drawing back.