No Maslow Post Process in Fusion 360

So I am new to forum and I will be using the Maslow CNC with my students this semester. As I wait for my box o’ part to get here. I thought I would get familiar with all the programs the student would be using.

We will be using Macbook Pros
-Vectorworks to draft our designs
-Export them as DXF files
-Opening them in Fusion 360…this is where the problem is.
There is no way to find, upload, open any kind of Maslow Post Processor in any of the projects I have started. So at this point I have NO WAY to get the file to the Ground control.

Am I missing something? Have I ordered a CNC that none of my student will be able to use?

Any help would be great.

welcome to the forums and welcome to Maslow.

The first link is to the post processor (third message down) and the second is a tutorial for adding it to Fusion on a Mac.



Here is the direct link to the Malsow Post Processor CPS file:
Follow the instructions provided by @JohnC to install it as this varies based on OS. It certainly works as I have used it a lot.

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If you’d like to make this significantly easier on yourself, here’s a terminal command that will both create the folder needed for the new non-Apple store version of Fusion 360 for MacOS, and download the post processor to that machine in the correct folder.

mkdir -p ~/Fusion\ 360\ CAM/Posts && cd ~/Fusion\ 360\ CAM/Posts/ && wget --content-disposition

Note that the folder that fusion360 is using is in the user folder, so if multiple users use fusion 360, each user will need to install the post processor in their own user folder. The ~/ is an alias to the current user’s home folder, so this command really comes in handy when you have a lot of people with different user names that all need this post processor installed. You can just give the command to your students, and they can enter the command themselves.

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