My Maslow wears a skirt

He guys,

I don’t have time to post a lot of details but I just wrapped up my frame build.

I’ll make a write up a little later.


Is the top beam mounted directly to the legs? If so, you may likely have a problem with the angle of the chains… it leads to chain slipping.

The top beam does however it is a 2 x 6 so it sticks out and over hangs the work space 2" past the legs. How far does it need to stick out?

it needs to end up 4-6" out from the wateboard,the exact distance depends on the balance of your sled

you want to attach the router ( and bricks) to the sled, and then adjust the height of the ring so that the sled is balanced when holding it in the air by the chains (or tilting slightly towards the sled on the top)

Then you want the top beam to be at the right distance so that when you are cutting (the sled on top of your wasteboard and workpiece) the chains are parallel to the workpiece.

That is a beautiful build. I especially like the decal.

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Any more details that you can share? Looks great. Curious as to your dimensions.

Working on building my frame now, of a similar design. Do you have to adjust the offset of the top beam, or can you adjust the ring height on the sled to do the same thing?