FrankenFrame, it's (almost) alive!

Got a chance to work on a frame this weekend, ‘borrowed’ ideas from lots of other builders. Take a look:

Maybe I’ll get to opening that box in the background next weekend. :slight_smile:


Igor, bring in the chains!

Nice! Your build seems to check all the boxes.

Is the SuperStrut beam attached yet? When you build your final sled and mount the router, z-axis rig, and weights, you will probably need to adjust the ring height so when the sled hangs from the chains, it tilts forward at about the same angle as the workpiece. You might want to consider some way to adjust the top beam back to front so that you can align the drive sprockets and chains at the same height as the ring. This will insure smooth running chain over the sprockets throughout the range of motion of the sled.

Looking forward to seeing you rig in action!


Nice Design. I haven’t built mine yet, but am watching closely. Quick question? How will you mount / support smaller than 4 x 8’ sheets. Do you have a way to take a, say 4’ x 2’ sheet, and center it? Keep up the great work.

That’s exactly the plan, I picked up a couple of 8" carriage bolts and some steel strapping with holes punched in it that I hope will work as an improvised u-bolt. If it works it should be easy to adjust the offset of the uni-strut.

Thanks, I’m thinking smaller cuts can be centered on the bottom lip of the skirt. There’s extra bracing exposed on the bottom and middle of the work area for support or clamping. Not sure how ground control handles positioning but I’m sure there’s a way of measuring an offset for cutting when mounting a sheet.