Nameplate for my boy

I wanted to see how well the ‘Carve’ function in Estlcam works with Maslow and the 90° bit I had lying around.
So I used 3D text in Sketchup to get my son’s name as a .dxf file and prepared the engraving path in Estlcam.
Found a (pretty craptacular) piece of scrap MDF and went for it:

It was interesting to see how the machine slowed down my default speed of 700mm/min to ~70mm/min in order to keep up with the z-axis movements.

I think it turned out pretty neat, all I need now is a nicer piece of wood and a border. :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s true, when you use 3D combination movement the speed is slow because Z motor doesn’t accept more speed 40 mm/min. (more time need it) :slight_smile:

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