Saddle seat top for stool- successful scale down (30%) test and final carve/cut

Very successul cut Thanks Maslow!

One big Test carve/cut

.25 ball nose
5000+ lines
± 1:10 hour
Deepest pocket 3/8
Pipeline: Blender to sketchup to estlcam to Fluid to M4

Will post full size when done!

Roughly sanded on one side!


this is great to see!
how long did the job take to complete?

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More or less 1H10 for the 30% Scale down. I expect the full size to be around 3h00

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Fanatic work! I haven’t done any 3D carving like that so it’s super cool to see :heart_eyes:

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Here is the final,…with a little more sanding to go…


beautiful! love the grain and the marriage with modern

What a great job, well done!!

Woah that looks spectacular! Well done! :heart_eyes:

This looks amazing!!!

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Excellent results. This project got me thinking of how to made 3D parts. Most of what I’ve seen are 2D cut outs. What CAM software are you using? Do you just load your 3D .dxf and set the depth of each pass on the Z axis, or is it more involved? My first tests will be 2D, but I would like to get into shapes such as yours. @Sylvain_Dorais


Hi Scott!

I use estlcam to do that.

You need to convert your .dxf to .STL file and upload it into estlcam.

I use sketch up or blender for modeling

Estlcam is cheap, pretty solid software and user friendly. A one time purchase (updates come out regularly).

This is an old video but it will get you started, the idea remains the same.

I also used Fusion in the past, but the learning curve is much steeper. Fusion has all imaginable adjustment/pattern… But I’m not sure I need so much!


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Thanks! I’m pretty solid on the CAM side, but MakerCAM isn’t liking my SVG exports, so I am shopping for something solid.