Need help designing low-height frame

Hello all!
I’m about to take the plunge and order a Maslow kit.
One of the items that stopping me is where to put it in my basement.
I have a spot in one corner that would be perfect, except its under some ductwork that limits the height to only 73".
So, what are the minimums? Presumably, there is a stack-up of vertical dimensions that allows for all corners to be cut.
What is the distance from the center of the spindle to the bottom of the standard sled/brick-weight combo?
Is there any way to make the bricks not stick out the bottom so far?
Has anyone had luck with using something other than bricks? lead weights?
Any alternatives to the shape of the weights? For example, if I cast a piece of concrete in the shape of a crescent to fill the entire bottom?
I have heard that 12" - 18" is the ideal distance between the top edge of the plywood and the center of the spindles on the motors.
how large are the motors? how much of the motor sticks out the top above the center of the spindles?
Would going to a 12’ instead of 10’ top beam help or hurt performance?

Thanks a ton in advance!!


73" should not be a big problem, play around with the spreadsheet at

you can cut down the space below the workspace from stock, just leave space for
the sled (9" diameter) and try to find weights that don’t hang below the sled
like the bricks do. People have used lots of things instead of bricks (and the
metal maslow sled is heavy enough that it doesn’t need any additional weights)

you may also need to get a very flexible dust collection line if you use that.

David Lang

You mention casting a piece of concrete to a crescent shape fitting the bottom of the sled. My front-loader washing machine has two such pieces of concrete. I don’t know if they would be curved enough, but you might be able to pick some up cheap from an appliance repair place. Just a thought.

you don’t need very much weight (stock is about 10 pounds) so don’t go

remember, that is the area you want your dust collection in (or at least you
want the chips to get out, not get stuck in there)

David Lang

Thanks for the clue. I may have concluded that I need to find a slightly taller space.