Need your help maslow Family

My wife wants to start doing Amazon Influencer stuff. So we had to create a New TikTok account and we nownhave to build views, Likes, and comments on new videos. Im more of a behind the scenes guy, talking to a camera… not my thing…

With that being said the 1st video i did was with the M4. And im working on a few others with the M4 now.

So if you could all be as so kind to go over to my page, watch the video, like the video Comment, save what ever … it would be greatly appreciated. The future videos will be better when i get more comfortable.

And anyome else who has a TikTok, let me know i will do the same for you.

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I don’t do tik tok , but I do have some pointers

  1. Cool shirt
  2. The bald guy with a beard is overplayed. Shave the beard and do a handlebar mustache, rock something no-one else does.
  3. Handlebar mustache = votes
  4. Also maybe the mustache wax company could be a sponsor
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These look awesome, I love the flag build:

We’ll give you a shout out in next week’s update for sure!

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Feel free to add it for wednesday

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