Maslow Nation T-shirts, stickers, mugs, and sweatshirts...I l

“Maslow nation! That was well said. We should get a run of t-shirts made.”

I figured out how easy it was to set one of these up for my business page, so I made a teespring page with a graphic I drew and the maslow logo. There is less than a dollar profit on each shirt and maybe with the proceeds we can spot bar some cash for the gen 4.

Here it is:



It is kind of a laughing matter for me, so I don’t expect anyone to order except me, but the link is live and it is legit… unsanctioned and unofficial, but legit as in they will print and ship to you if you buy.

open to suggestions or hate mail on it. no worries. kind of a fun thing.


after looking at it, I’m not a fan of the light purple on gray with the gray frame… look for rev 2…

Hows it hanging……… nice!

you should have a series where the Maslow has spelled out witty sayings.


I don’t mind the colors. Thanks for putting something together.

How about this for the next one. A beaver chewing on the maslow logo.

“How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?..Not much if it’s fastest feed is 40ipm…”

Toooo long…Maybe just the beaver munching on the logo

Do they do larger mugs…11oz is like a European coffee (no offense)

you need a 64 oz?
beaver and not woodchuck?
are you cutting at 40?

Well it can’t be a woodchuck because a woodchuck can’t chuck wood. And beavers look cooler and Chuck alot of wood.

I think most of my cuts are set at 30-35 ipm in carbide create…who knows how fast its really going.

I think they have 16 oz ceramic. Of course a 64 oz Yeti (or yeti off brand) would keep me down to 2-3 “cups” of coffee per day.

Seriously love the Maslow store front idea. I might help design some stuff for ya.

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Maslow: Its not a hobby, its an all consuming life-choice.


12oz is perfect, some of us have to watch our coffee consumption and bigger cups are too tempting. :slight_smile:

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Video and time it, or with a Maslow just time and measure it with a yardstick :slight_smile:

I’ve got mine ordered!