New m2 footage and dimensions of sled wanted

Hi all,
can someone help me with the dimensions of the extended frame in metrical scale so I mean the one with extended chains to have the possibility to mill the full sheet and even bigger things. The normal one I have already found.

I also am looking for the dimensions of the new wall mount to decide whether I am willing to invest time in creating it together with panel saw and routing functionality in my small workspace.

I already have ordered the new m2 kit in pre order time and are new to Maslow but after weeks of waiting and searching I decided to create this request here. Any help and info is appreciated. I also have checked twitter and Facebook regularly for video footage of the new one working, including the z axis showdown but no luck so far.

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Did you email makermade and ask? I don’t think they regularly monitor this forum.

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They are pretty quick to respond if they are mentioned as @MakerMadeCNC

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@Pkaaaaaay can you answer my questions?

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I figure you have… but did you try emailing them? Or maybe replying to the email receipt from the order?

They seem to be pretty quiet about some things but it seems if you ordered from them you certainly deserve an email. The only video I ever really saw was when they went live on Facebook showing it a week or two ago. The sled appears to be about the size of their standard sled… but that’s very much just a guess? I figure if they use the same sled and change some holes and add some paint and hardware… they wouldn’t have to change much when it comes to manufacturing. Again… just a guess!

One thing about the M2 I am curious about… where is the dust collection at? I don’t see any.

Good luck with the new purchase… the cost stopped me for now anyways.


Hey All- apologies for the delay here. Been knee-deep in production work for M2. The wall mount assembly info will be coming out in the next 1-2 wks. This has taken longer than we wanted (we’ve gone through 6 wall mount variations) but it’s landed us on a version that minimizes both expense and user assembly time. It now takes us as little as 30 minutes to set up a wall frame.

As with the 10ft top beam wall frame, the functional dims of the 12ft wall frame won’t be any different from the 12ft Maslow today- top beam length, distance from top beam to wasteboard, etc all remains constant. The reduced footprint comes almost entirely from the depth saved by using the wall mounts.

For dust collection- we have a system that is built into the sled itself. The channel goes under the new z axis assembly, and you’ll be able to see the chips collected via a clear acrylic top, that ends in a 90-degree PVC elbow, which attaches to the hose. See attached image for prototype image of the acrylic top / dust channel

2 Other features of the new sled:

  • the z axis assembly is mounted via 6 counter-sunk screws that end in t-nuts that slide into the extruded aluminum channels of the z assembly. This means that to center your router bit, you just loosen these screws, align, and tighten. Makes changing out routers a breeze
  • hanging hole and included hook, so you can hang you sled out of the way as needed.

Other than that and the new paint job, sled is same size as the current unit.

Appreciate the patience while we finalize the last few design details! A lot more info will be coming out now that dev is totally complete. Also, 75% of the product is through production- metal stamped, control board cases going into production tomorrow- moving along at a great clip.E4630484-CD9C-42E2-8AE5-88DB0889E82F.heic (1.1 MB)

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