***NEW, NEVER USED *Original* Kickstarter Maslow with alternate Z-Axis

Hello, Maslow members. I have an original Kickstarter Maslow that is brand new, never set up. Life changed before I got to it, then it changed some more, I moved our studio and left the custom sled I’d made behind and…long story short… it’s just not going to happen realistically. So I see on the forum that the units can be hard to come by these days and some would like to get their hands on one. I’m not trying to profit, I’d would sell my unit for what it cost, $350, plus shipping costs, say $25.
I also have an alternate Z-Axis kit that I bought from one of the early users on here, that he invented some time after the release as everyone was collaborating to make the design better. I’m not sure that it is relevant still today, but I will throw it in. It was like forty bucks. Let me know if you are interested.

Curtis Spoerlein
Call: 56_1 85_9 89_87
Instagram: @heirloomdwelling