Maslow with Z axis for sale, Received 6/30/2018 - SOLD

I thought I was going to have the time to build and experiment with a Maslow. Priorities have changed. I have the z axis, and the Maslow kit shipped and received just a few days ago. NOT Opened. I will open and inspect if you like.

Z-axis was $66.50, Maslow was $363. I will ship to you unopened for cost + shipping. Not trying to profit even a penny. The shipping will be priority mail, guessing $26.10 ($7.20 for Z-axis, and $18.90 for Maslow) based on flat rates that I see on USPS site.

Let me know, PayPal (friends and family) or Venmo will work. I can take pictures so you can see I have unopened shipments from Portland.


@Steven_Hickerson might be interested - he was bummed that the sets were sold out.

I’m interested, I assume it’s the newer ring system?

I assume so, have not opened the box.

I’m not seeing the option to PM someone my info…

I think that becomes available after 24 hours or so…

Where are you located? if @MichaelRobert doesn’t purchase it.

Chesapeake, Virginia


My son is definitely interested as he is needing this for his senior project (he is modifying the PlyPad design as a prototype of temporary shelters for disaster recovery teams and would love to have a model that his instructors and county officials could walk through and explore). I know there are others in line for it too, but if they don’t work out - can you please let us know right away? We can Venmo the funds to you asap.


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Will do, but I think it is sold.


Have a great day!

I paid maslowKurt for it @dneises. Just waiting for it to come in the mail! Although I’m now trying to figure out where the heck I’m going to put it in my already full garage.

Thanks for everyone’s interest, sold to MichaelRobert.

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