New Unistrut design

I got my kit back in July but am just now getting around to putting it together. Here is what I’m planning, anything I should be aware of before I get too far into it?


Nice, I like that design. How high is the beam above the work piece and how wide is the beam?

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The beam is a 10’ piece of strut, and I’m not sure the height above the work platform…I based the height off the standard design.

I made my beam about 2.5’ off the workpiece and 12’ wide. It allows for greater accuracy. You need roughly 14’ chains to do that though. Do some searching in the forums for the wider beam.

I did see some of that. I think I’m just going to get the shorter beam length working and then I can extend it later when I get the longer chain. I think with the bolt together design it should be easy enough to modify later.

The unistrut channels are a reasonable price if obtained locally, just be aware that the connecting hardware adds up quickly. Do something to contain costs at the start, otherwise cost escalates rapidly. If you can, draw in the hardware you are using at each connection, and determine the cost. Then think of a way to do it cheaper.

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The good news is I already have a huge supply of strut hardware, so I’m not spending anything out of pocket as of yet. Alternatively, I could weld it all together, eliminating nearly all the hardware cost.

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I am working on a uni-strut frame now for my maslow, any advise on the set up that you would or would not change from what you did?