Anyone using the Orginal Maslow

Is anyone still using the original Maslow. I haven’t touched mine for 4 years. Wondering if its worth spinning it back up. Looks like software has changed a few times. I dont have much time to research and test like I did when Maslow first came out so if anyone can direct me to a how to it would be appreciated.

I’m using the the classic from Makermade bought used. 1.2 shield, ring kit, homemade z axis.

Upgrades: spindle, z axis touch plate, auto router on, adjustable skirts, adjustable 12’ top beam, chain guards, UHMW tape on sled, pulley and weight tensioning system.

I’m having fun with it. I’d say if your running the 2 chain brackets to upgrade to the ring or linkage kit. Of course automated z axis is a must.

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many people are using the initial hardware. Software had taken a bit of a twist,
and there are now a few options. There is a new version of Ground Control, and
there is a alternate controller Web Control. There is a third, that I’m not as
familiar with.

The advantage of Web Control is that you can put it on a small machine like a
Raspberry Pi and then manage it from anything with a browser (such as your
phone, which is really handy when resetting the zero of things like that)

David Lang

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My setup from a few years ago. Dont want to put to much time into it upgrading. Just thought i would cut a few things in my spare time if there was a walk through to get the mega 2560 Maslow version on new software

Thanks ill look into getting web control running.

Nice setup, that the same shield I’m running. The only real improvement would probably be a meticulous z axis. Everything else I listed above is just a novelty.

That’s a nice setup with the unistrut. Looking to do something similar. Mine will have to be mounted outdoors, given space limitations.
I bought 2 second-hand original Maslows w/z-axis and plan to set them up in the spring for the first time. Figure I have lots of tinkering ahead of me but also will benefit from the hard-earned advances everyone else has made over the years.

I used mine for a couple of big projects, didn’t look at it for a year or so and fired it up again using webcontrol.

Everything worked perfectly.

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