Newbie here need help with software set up

I have a original Marlow with the sled already in the kit. My issue is the software set up. I have gotten to step 8 for ground control but it will not due anything. I am running windows 10

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Hey @Brat! In reading your question I can’t tell you what step 8 is right now, but if you are looking at Ground Control, it has ben replaced by WebControl. I would take a look at this forum post: The Maslow Manual V 0.001 - #3 by Orob. Chapter 3 talks about the software set up and has this:

Development on GroundControl has been discontinued as WebControl is better (even Bar will tell you that).

This helped me a lot! And I will say I do like WEBControl a lot and it is super simple to use. After that, if you are still having issues, just ask and provide details of what the issues you are having (if you can grab screen shots it is even better), and there should be plenty of people on here that can help.

Good luck, and I hope this helped some!