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NOOB , bit size question

Good evening, I am considering purchasing a Maslow, question i have is what is the largest diameter bit i can use . what i mean by that is can i use a 1/2 shank with a 1" cutting head or a 1/4 shank with a 3/4 diameter cutter head. the link below is an not what i want to use but to give you an idea of what i am talking about. I am looking to clear out a large amount of material but not too deep .
for example i have a 10"x10" square and want to route out a 5"x5" square in the middle 1/4-3/8 deep

what would i use ? Thanks for any answers and help

depends on the material being cut (hard/soft wood, foam, plastic, etc)
in general the bigger the bit the faster the machine needs to move to keep the correct feed and speeds.
Maslow is already pretty slow and people generally use 1/4 or 1/8" bits, while you can use bigger bits they will have a shorter life due to going too slow and you might have burn marks on the wood.
it’s a trade off between shorter bit life and faster cutting time, only actual testing will determine which is best for you.

would be a lot faster to make a jig with the maslow that you use to cut the large area out with by hand…