NZ Delivery - packaged opened

Mine arrived yesterday, collected from our office this morning. It has been opened and inspected by the looks of it and they couldn’t get everything back in nicely.

Will go through the contents when I get home tonight, but I am expecting issues based on how it looks now.

PS: Thanks for letting me know the address is visible, its a published address and I’m publicly listed, happy for people to send free merch to my office :slight_smile:

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We don’t have clear tape so that’s not a good sign :grimacing:

Mine was opened too, but not like that.

Good Luck!

I haven’t checked the parts list but nothing seems to be broken.


It’s good to know that it was customs which opened it, not that it exploded in transit and had to get taped back up.

If you do find anything missing or any issues let us know and we’ll get you replacement parts!

That doesn’t look good! I showed the packing team and everyone gasped! :open_mouth: email me at if you are missing anything!

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Yes it was a relief that it was customs and not damage. Will let you know how I go, thanks guys.


Mine is all built and I had all my parts! I haven’t gotten to test it yet but hopefully this weekend. I did get the belts to extend and retract.


Other jobs got in the way for me :frowning:

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