Opendesk license confusion

Good day,

So I am quite confused about Opendesk furniture’s license policy. I want to manufacture and sell some of the furniture that has the Creative Commons – Attribution (CC-BY) licence (which there are many). For instance, I have downloaded the slim chair design files a few years ago, and in the zip file there is a license.txt file that states: “# Creative Commons – Attribution You can use and adapt the design for any purpose, even commercially, as long as you credit the designer.For full details, visit "

When I look at the Opendesk website, I get the feeling they have had a change of heart for the CC-BY license by making the downloads unavailable and stating that you have to become a maker to sell their furniture.

So I would like to know does anyone have advice regarding manufacturing and selling some of the furniture that has the Creative Commons – Attribution (CC-BY) licence?
And also, are Opendesk able to change their Creative Commons – Attribution (CC-BY) furniture licenses to non-commercial licences?

Reading through the forum, I cant get a clear answer to the above mentioned questions.

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That is a really good question. I don’t have any expertise, but my guess is that the files are available under the license that you downloaded them under. One of the nice things about open source is that it’s pretty much protected forever as open.

That being said they clearly have had a change of heart so it might be worth doing an “inspired by” design. The world of furniture has a legacy of pieces inspired by similar pieces which goes back a long long long way so that feels very safe.