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OpenDesk Design Files: Downloading and Availability

This Wiki is meant to provide a resource to the community to find the location of the OpenDesk files and to give instructions on their download.


Opendesk is a global platform for local making. We host digital furniture designs that can be made anywhere in the world through a global network of local makers.

Unfortunately, OpenDesk has become more restrictive in which digital files the public has access to.

To make the designs available to the community, the digital furniture designs have been replicated to various platforms for ease of download. The options listed below are meant to give different means of downloading the OpenDesk files in order of complexity, from easiest to hardest.

Option 1:

The files have been replicated to a digital archive on To download, click on the ZIP link on the right hand corner:

Option 2:

This is a Github repository that includes the OpenDesk files. To download the repository, hit the Code button on the right and select Download ZIP from the list of options:

For those familiar with how to use git, the following command can be used:

git clone

Option 3:

This is the original repository that the makerfx/abetusk-dev was cloned from and has a lot of other files that have no relation to OpenDesk. I’ve provided it here for the sake of completeness.

Downloading is done in the same way as the makerfx/abetusk-dev repository, by clicking on the Code button from the root directory of the repository and selecting the Download ZIP option:

For those familiar with how to use git, the following command can be used:

git clone

Individual File Options

Individual files can be downloaded by accessing the appropriate subdirectory in one of the repositories that has the OpenDesk files replicated.

Below are links to the subdirectories for each of the available replicated OpenDesk files under the abetusk/dev repository.

To download the individual file in this repository, navigate to the individual DXF file, say, and then hit the Raw button in the upper left hand corner. Here is a picture of the LEN_DSK_STD_1600x2400x738_SA_AP_1_5_0_cad-1_18.00-0.0.dxf as an example:

Once the page has loaded, right click and Save to file. Note that these DXF file can be large and can cause your browser to become slow or sluggish.

A Note on the Availability of Files

Only the digital designs that have a free/libre license attached to them have been replicated. Replicating files with a “non-commercial” or “no-derivatives” creative commons clause could potentially run afoul of the restrictive licensing.

Here is a list of the non-libre options and their links to the site:

Name License
Studio Desk CC-BY-NC
Kano Storage CC-BY-NC
Collaboration Table CC-BY-NC
Linnea Bookshelf CC-BY-NC
Meeting Table CC-BY-NC
Cafe Table CC-BY-NC
Canteen Table CC-BY-NC
Bundle Desk CC-BY-NC
Nimble Stool CC-BY-NC
Valovi Chair CC-BY-NC
Olivia Desk CC-BY-NC
Edie Set CC-BY-NC
Johann Stool CC-BY-NC
Roxanne Chair CC-BY-NC
One to Several Table CC-BY-NC
Beside Table CC-BY-NC