Oval Shaped circles Please help

I would use the Maslow calculated value (if you followed directions carefully). If you use the Maslow value and still have issues, you can manually change this distance to the tape measured values and retest to see if the problem is solved.

If you believe that your tape readings are better I recommend that you make certain that you measure from the center of motor shaft to center of motor shaft and that the tape does not have slack in it.

This is a quite common occurrence… in fact, I don’t know that anyone has a machine measured distance equal to their hand measured distance. I can’t say which is “better” to use, but @Sreenigne’s advice is reasonable.

I personally wouldn’t trust my measuring skills, I left that up to the computer. May I ask how big a difference your getting between the tape measure and the computer measurements? If it’s a lot then there might be an issue but also keep in mind that if your using a frame with a top beam there is likely going to be some flex that you wouldn’t get when hand measuring.

The one thing that messed me up on that step is I wasn’t taking the slack out of the chain before measuring it. Make sure to do that and get it as close to tight as you can just don’t let the chain pull so much your flexing your top beam.

I would recommend using the tape measure. Here is why.

To correct oval circle, I changed the distance of the motors in the ground control.

can i ask how much you changed them by

I didn’t change them manually, what happened was I was doing the chain measuring but I didn’t take the tension out of the chain first so it was giving me bad numbers. You need to suck the chain up until it’s just about tight, then do the measuring. Hope this helps.

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