Overly tight M4 anchor pins

When I ordered my locking pins, the one in the Not Shop was out of stock so I ordered this one.

I noted that these pins were a tight fit into the triangle anchors but not so much to be an issue and they definitely loosened up a bit with a few cycles.

But when I tried to attach a belt end, it was so tight I had to clamp the whole thing down to get it apart- far too tight to be usable.

I measured the pin and it is dead on 10mm OD, so I have to assume that the belt end is essentially exactly this ID.

Does anyone else have any experience with using a 10mm pin (which at the very least would, I assume, include everyone outside the US)?

I am using 3/8" pins at the moment, but I do not like the sloppiness.

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I ordered some 10mm clevis pins for a different project and tried them out on the M4- these work They are a snug fit but not at all too tight in both the printed corner anchors and the cable ends. They have notably less slack than the 3/8" pins.

I measured them and they are just slightly under 10mm- I measure 9.82mm.

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I realize I failed to point out that the clevis pins I got are essentially a variant of the “Not-so-Fancy Pins” in the Not Shop- different vendor and longer (which is what I needed for something else).

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I went ahead and ordered one of the specific pins listed in the Not Shop and it’s basically perfect- a snug but not overly tight fit in both the triangle anchors and the belt ends.

The OD measures out as 9.92mm.

TLDR- “10mm” pins vary enough in diameter to be an issue.

I’ll order three more to redo my anchor points.

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