Parking Breaks - Remove before Flight

I kept having the chains fall apart when pinned to each other while moving it to my operating space. I decided to make parking pins. Two holes and finger tight drywall screws.

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looks like a sleeping maslow

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I do something similar, I hang my chains on the top brass hook that holds the stretchy string.


I would suggest a hook a bit above the work area that you can hang the sled from
with the chains still attached (high enough to not interfere with the sled in
operation, low enough that the sled is still supported by the frame)

Hey, i’m replying to this kinda old post to see if more people (still) do this, and if there could be issue’s doing this?

I’m looking to add my maslow to an existing sawing table (with home made rail system).
but i’m not sure how to switch from saw to router without destroying the maslow calibration.

The idea was to put the maslow in a corner where it’s not bothering the (manual) sawing operations or even better to remove the maslow with sled (without calibrating problems).

A lag bolt in center of the top beam: drive the sled to the middle of the work piece and then lift it and hook the sled by the router opening. Chain rollers come off the ring and have to be “resituated” when lowered back in place, but no calibration is affected. I also have a bungee loosely holding the chains about 6" up from the sled, so when the sled comes off, the chains stay together. The bungee serves as a safety “catch,” should the chains detach from the sled unexpectedly.

kind of like this;

(thanks to facebook post… not my pic)

that sounds easy enough! thanks