Part programming

I see everyone uses cad packages to design there projects.
Maybe a stupid question could you just input a program manually using G codes. chaning the speed would not be an option that would be governed by the router. also using m code for option top to maybe change a tool part way through a cycle

Gcode is gcode… either generated by CAM software or generated manually. I’ve generated some gcode manually… just becomes a bit of a pain to do by hand so I use CAM software most of the time even for simple things.


Does the maslow firmware support an M6 tool change?

I’ve also manually written g code, actually just yesterday for some tests on another router. I’ve written small programs to write test g code in the past too. Copy and paste can be your friend, and a tool path simulator a big help.

There’s a number of free g code creating programs, but they require designing the part first. Just curious, why do you want to write g code?

no, but you can use the T command to change tools

David Lang

Yes, but the firmware seems to expect that the Tool number precedes the M6 command in the same line: ‘T3 M6’
It pauses and prompts “Please insert tool X” where X is the T number of the gcode line, if the T number doesn’t match the current T number. The default tool number is 0. The yellow pause button changes to ‘Resume Cut’ when the Tx M6 is executed.
I don’t think these have been used much as there isn’t a way to calibrate the z axis during the pause.

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You can adjust the z-axis and set zero during a pause condition. I’ve done it before… too many times.


I used EdytorNC when I was writing programs by hand in school. I like the way it color codes as you type in your program. I like to look over my CAM generated G-code in Edytor as well, just to make sure there isn’t anything that stands out as being ridiculous.

I have worked on c n c lathes, milling machine and plasma profiling machines and all of the machine required me to input information on the machine using g code. I had very little experience using c a d to draw the product that then write program for the machine. Only the profile machine had a nesting ad ability. Not sure I know much about c a d and feel comfortable using g codes


First time I’ve heard of edytornc, looks worth checking out. Sourceforge links to a web site, but it just returns a “We killed G+” page. I miss G+, much better crowd than FacePlant

Notepad++ has g code coloring but the day I was trying to download it GitHub and Chrome on my PC were having a tiff. Just had to stare at unadulterated text…

There were guys that used Notepad++ but I found EdytorNC and liked it so I didn’t bother switching. I actually downloaded it specifically for programming simple 2D parts for the Maslow “the old fashioned way.” I never tried G+ but I stay away from faceplant as much as I can.

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