Trying to use Carbide create but all I get is maslow paused

I’ve been trying to use something easier to do drawings and then converting that to the gcode. My problem is I am trying to use carbide create and i can input dimensions and drawings just fine. Set my cut, depth, and whatnot. When I open the file on the maslow my drawing shows up, but when I hit play it immediately says maslow paused.

@barnard78112 I use Carbide Crate as well, and it is something they put into the PP to allow you to start the GCoge (pressing play), and then it pauses to let you put the correct tool into the machine. I think is has something to do with how the Shapeoko is set up to run. All you have to do is hit resume, and it will move along with your cut. If you are only using one tool, you can edit the GCode and remove the line that looks similar to “M0 T###” (Not 100% on the “M0” but I know it will have the “T###”. I am not at home to look at any of my stuff to give you the specifics), and it should take that pause out of there. The “T###” is the tool number you have designated in CC for the bit you are using for your cut, and is what is being recognized by Ground Control/WebControl as needing to pause for a tool change. If you are using multiple bits, CC will put that into your GCode, and the machine will pause at each of those so you can turn your router off, change your bit, and you can then re-zero it, set to a safe height, and hit resume and your cut will just continue trucking along.

I recently cut out some USMC rank insignias this weekend and had 3 different tool changes for it. I did split some of this up into separate GCode files, but also had tool changes in there. It all depends on your flavor of work process and how you want to do your cuts.


I’ve removed the “M0 ;T102”. That was the exact way it showed up for me. It did not solve my issue unfortunately.

That is interesting to me. Unfortunately, that is the extent of my knowledge in the G-Code. There might be something else in that header that is causing the machine to pause right away. I hope maybe someone very much more smarter than I that can look at GCode and determine what is causing that issue.

On the bright side, I use that pause to verify that I have everything set where it is supposed to be before I hit resume (an added/forced double check requirement!! :wink:)!!

My apologies that I couldn’t help you any further!

Copy and paste the first 25 or so lines of gcode here