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Path width dimension

is it possible to use a script font and designate the width of the script so it is uniform and doesn’t
vary. let’s say as to eliminate serifs?* would like to keep path width 6mm to 8 mm.

I’m definitely going to be watching this thread. The only thing that works for me is downloading stick fonts, using the trace function in Fusion 360 CAM, and setting the cut depth.

I really want to know what others are doing here.

I have been all over youtube and elsewhere looking for answers. the best i can do is thickening and thinning the font on inkscape before cam. hit and miss. I am trying to cut a 6mm path to accomadate
neon flex for signs. good luck if you find something let me know.

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You could try a single line font and then cut on the line instead of cutting between the lines?

Maybe this is just restating Bar’s comment, but couldn’t you use a 1/4" bit and it will all be 6.35 mm wide?

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i’m using jscut. I tried pocket, engrave, program won’t except 1/4" with v pocket or engrave… Tried 1/4" with with 1/8" program and it makes a double pass. too thick. it would work fine if i could get it to make a
single pass with 1/4" bit but i can,t find the correct program.

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