Photos from assembling my Maslow4 😁

Photos from my assembly process. @bar feel free to borrow any of these if you want so you don’t have to retake any on the assembly guide (it mentions some are missing or need to be retaken because the heat sinks weren’t installed)


Now to clean out the garage and test my 3D printed floor mounts.

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Great work putting everything together!

If you get stuck anywhere getting set up let me know, I’m here to help :grinning:

Received the 10mm quick release pins mentioned on the floor attachment guide today and they don’t fit through the Maslow belt connectors. Anyone else have this issue?

Weirdly the other 3 in the pack will (barely) fit into the belt end. I guess this one is out of tolerance. The calipers show it to be slightly larger than the others by a fraction of a mm.