Maslow 4 assembly guide feedback

Just read the assembly guide. The part where you insert the magnets; is the way the magnets are oriented important. Should all magnetic fields be in the same direction?

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Fantastic feedback! :heart_eyes: :+1: :+1: :people_hugging:

The magnet orientation does not matter, they are symmetric…but that is not clear from the instructions. I will clarify that.

Thank you so much!

How do you feel about:

The reason that it doesn’t matter is that the magnet is magnetized differently than you might expect. It’s like this:

So either side will have a N and a S edge.

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@bar I have searched for the past 15 min for the assembly guide :crazy_face:, not sure how I missed the post.
Will you please link that to me

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Haha I’m sorry! I haven’t posted a link in the forums yet. It’s on our website . Will you do me a favor and see if you can easily find it there? If not I will work to make it more clear.

Thanks Bar! Needed to use my brain (Start Building)

No, I think it’s reasonable that it didn’t jump out at you. If you are looking for “Assembly Guide” it’s not the first thing that comes to mind.

Does anyone have an idea for what all the things behind that button could be called together? Maybe “Start building your Maslow4”?

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Sounds good! If you want it shorter, maybe “Maslow4 Setup”


Perfect! thx

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just a spelling thing…


LOL thank you! :joy:

CraftCloud does not seem to be active anymore… from the bottom of the “Attaching Maslow4 Directly to the Floor” page

The step “Press bearings into arm” is listed twice. Not clear if this step is needed twice for the same arm.

This step is also repeated “First place the spool with the belt attached onto the top of the arm so that it engages with the drive gears.”

The first step on Assembling the router:
Attach the PCB mounting plate to the top of the router. Note that the orientation of this part is important so be sure that it’s not rotated 180 degrees. The power cord is down in this photo. Use a frim slap or a tap on the table to press it in place.

should probably read “Firm”

“Making Maslow 4”

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Spelling thing? :slight_smile: Try

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Thank you for catching that! It looks like the correct link is

Thank you @aavacado, those are great catches! They should all be fixed now :slight_smile:

Hi Bar, Most welcome.
I would also suggest that once you are ready to publish the guide that each step in the guide have a step number associated with it. Assemblers will be able to reference the guide section and step number for help.

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That is an excellent suggestion. I think that you are right and we should have numbers. I’m going to hold of on adding them right now because Anna is going thorough and making a machine by following the directions and she might add some steps, but as soon as the number is reasonably firm I’ll give them numbers.


A couple more spelling errors on Assembling the arms — Maslow

Then we join the two halves together with six bolts. Two of the bolts at the front already connect to the captive nuts there. The other six go around the center of the spool.

I think one of the 6es is supposed to be an 8 or a 4.

First the idler shaft needs to align with the hold on the opposite side.

Is this supposed to be hole on the other side?