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Plywood Where do you get yours?

Just curious where people are buying their plywood these days since prices are not nice? Been looking on Facebook Marketplace with a small amount of luck but I am looking for Baltic Birch and hardwood types and those are harder to find.

For me, with as much as it stings and hurts, I really only have the usual box stores to get plywood from. I have a few other places to get hardwoods from, but not in plywood.

Sorry if this doesn’t help too much. Is there a specific reason you are wanting just ply? Just curious.

i have some parametric furniture I am going to make and it is best done in plywood. i will do some other furniture as well but I will use a mix of plywood and hardwoods.

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From the big box stores in my area Menards has the best selection. They also have a scratch and dent pile that can have some great deals.

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I order my Baltic Birch from a local lumber yard. Big boxes typically dont stock it anyway. You can get birch veneer plywood there but not true baltic birch. Fyi, even though most big boxes jacked the price of ply way up, the price for Baltic Birch had remained relatively constant. However, supply chain is now rearing its head.

Also, look for the 1.5 x 1.5 meter stock. It’s usualy from Finland or Russia. The 4x8 sheets almost all come out of China and the quality isnt as good.

I found some decent prices at the Home Depot near me but I will look around some other places. Thanks

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