Alternate wood / materials

I just learned that I am allergic to Birch.

I’m interested in any experience folks have had using / sourcing alternative materials.

At the moment I’m mainly doing silhouette cuts for home decor but plan to move up to furniture one day.

Are you using Birch veneer faced plywood? You can get other veneers on Fir ply, MDF or particle board. Can also get ANY wood looking melamine on a particle board core.

Good hunting , don’t give up.

I picked it up at Lowes. A couple 4x2s and a few 4x8s of Baltic Birch.

I think I’ll still use it at some point once I have sufficient PPE. Respirators are starting to come back in stock and though I don’t know the civilian word for it a suit to protect the skin (aka Poopy Suit) should do the trick.

Do not know if this would work for what you are trying to do. Have you have looked into plastic sheets? My wife is the main user of the Maslow here. She cuts expanded PVC sheets using a 1.5 mm bit. They turn out amazing!

A 4’x8’ 1/4" thick sheet is around $50 locally if you buy them one at a time. These are super easy on the bits and we only have had change bits when someone accidentally bumps it and snaps it.

The sheets also seem to hold paint well.

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