Sled - Plywood thickness

What thickness of plywood is everyone using for their sled? 1/2"? 3/4"?

Also, I know everyone typically uses plywood because it is cheap, but could I use plexiglass? I have a huge half inch thick sheet of plexiglass and I thought if I made the sled with it, it would help reduce friction on the plywood as it moves to cut.



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I used 3/4 plywood, but I’ve seen a number of materials used. Someone did a Plexiglas one which was very cool because you could see through to what was being cut


@adamdj; I’d like to purchase one of your plexiglass sleds if you decide to make them. I’m convinced that some form of a plastic sled will ultimately be the best choice for Maslow …due to lower drag.


Plexiglass will probably get scratched pretty quickly. I’d go polycarbonate if you have the choice. But if you’ve already got the plexi, go for it.