Possible "Table Round" Sled

you are right, I should have typed 7" and 8.5", 1.5" apart and 1/2" down from the upper hole.

Another problem with the pantograph is pivot support. The way my new frame build worked out I needed to support the pantograph at about 3.5" above the sled deck. Here is my solution:


That’s exactly what I imagined with that version of the kit.the latest version has a metal bar to go in the center and uses a shorter block between it and the sled.


I went with a table round for my sled and it has been going great. I am using a round that is 15 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. I have been able to cut through 3/4 inch plywood, but I suspect anything thicker may be a stretch for this set up.

I have also noticed that the sled for the most part only rides on the base plate of the router and the wood part of the sled almost never touches the work surface. Using sharp bits and figuring out appropriate step downs and feed rates have nearly eliminated sled tipping, so the diameter really only needs to be enough to fit all of the components onto the sled. I am using the ring kit, and 15" is about as small as I would go for everything to fit.

Getting the Maslow up and running with a table round sled was super easy. I didn’t have to mess with a temporary sled, used less material, and had a fully functional sled from the start (given the number of posts I have seen from people struggling to cut out the final sled, I think that alone is a huge win).

Here is my final sled with everything on it:

(The bungee cord is because the router has issues lowering, nothing to do with the sled itself.)


the plastic base plate of the router should not be used (the problem is that it
is small enough to fall into pockets that the larger sled will ride over)

Not sure, but it looks like you didn’t clamp your router into the base of the router. You need to adjust the clamp on the router base so it fits snug against the router yet still allow the router to move along the Z-Axis. Otherwise, the router will vibrate in the base causing inaccuracies in your cuts or worse fall out should your bungee break or come loose.