Should I start with a round sled?

Noob here, both to CNC/CAD and Maslow. I received my kit yesterday and have put together the computer and gotten it connected to my computer, etc. Very exciting!

My question is this: With all the updates using a ring style sled attachment, should I even bother making the sled as detailed in the Maslow instructions? Is there a round sled design that this community has more or less zeroed in on that is make-able without a plasma cutter?

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A round sled can be made with a router and a piece of wood like a giant compass. Attach the router to one end of a strip of wood (a few inches wide and at least as long as your sled radius) then put a screw through the strip at the distance of the radius from the router bit. So if you want an 18" sled then put the screw through the strip 9" from your router bit (which is attached to the end of the strip. Then screw the screw into a large enough piece of plywood. Run it around like a compass to cut your perfect circle! You even have the center marked now by the screw hole.
There are many other ways to do this but that’s a pretty easy one.

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there is no ring sled kit, there are two pantograph kits available. I would use
one of them (or make your own based on the discussion.

David Lang



I’m just slightly ahead of you as I’m going to work on my temporary setup today. You might want to check out Noob 101 in the wiki.

I had this very debate about - chicken and egg of making the final sled first. I’m going to go down the temporary sled path after reading.

@dlang - In some of the pictures ,I thought of your setup it looked like you were at some point early on using a cutting board as a sled?

The design is incremental and open to moving to any direction you want based on knowledge and skill. Please keep us up on your progress and welcome to the group.


I haven’t actually built my machine yet (garage space and starting a new job),
but there have been people who have used a cutting board as a sled.

Thank you for that tip! I saw somewhere that there were kits available for purchase but I was using the wrong search query. “Pantograph” was the key :slight_smile: I’ll order one of those two kits, they definitely look great!

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This is also a lifesaver! I’ll wade through before starting on my temp frame to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

I, like you, am going to go through the stock build first. I think it will be helpful for my learning curve. Seeing how it works with the temp parts will help me appreciate/understand the upgrades (like the Pantograph kit I just ordered!)


Build is going well! I had a limited amount of time yesterday, but got the firmware installed and upgraded and started on my temporary frame.

In reading the assembly guide, Bar mentioned that since the temporary sled had no bricks, he had to hold it against the work surface as it cut the frame parts. I plan to add my Z-axis to the temp sled, so my question is: Any reason I shouldn’t also add the bricks to the temp sled?


By all means, add them if you like. Everything works better with the bricks in place.
I think Bar was writing for someone with minimal tools, novice skills and uncertain confidence. Some folks build their first sled using other tools, to pretty much the full specification.


My second day of building… I completed the temporary frame and and built a temp sled that I’m not going to use because it’s WAY to flimsy.


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