Pre-Loaded Flash drives with new Kits

Everything on them is free, so I think that at the very least we should be able
to arrange for someone to host the contents (not affiliated withthe guys making
the kit)

David Lang

Great idea! We can definitely get lanyards added.

Flash drives will be available for purchase on the site. But as @dlang said, all the data on it is public information. We are just compiling the drives to try and consolidate everything in one place and provide a drive for file storage.


Just got the design approved for the drives.

Based on community feedback, we moved the logo off of the cap (because we all lose them) and added a lanyard so you can hang it near your machine when not in use.

All of our kits will ship with these and we will be selling just the drives on the site as well. With that being said, ALL of the Maslow firmware and software files for Ground Control is public information. We do not own this data and are not selling it. We are just placing it on a drive with sample project files for easy access while also providing a drive to save your own files. DO NOT BUY this drive specifically for the Maslow firmware or Ground Control files, they are free and can be downloaded here:
[Maslow Files](

This verbiage will also be added to the product description on our website to prevent any confusion.

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Here’s a picture of one of the drives in real life.


very nice!

not going to be ‘just another drive’