Do you still need to download any firmware or does it come on the USB storage?

Just received my maslow kit and I’m trying to install the software. I installed the Arduino program, Inkscape and ground control that came on the USB storage drive but now I cant seem to open Ground control. All the instructions I find online tell me to go to different sites and download firmware. All the directions are from last year, nothing recent, so don I still need to download all that stuff or did it come on the USB? I admit I’m a complete newbie when it comes to this stuff but im not completely computer illiterate. Need some help here.

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Welcome to the forum!

Take a look here:

Just curious, where did you get your kit? You probably already noticed but this site isn’t a “Maslow” business site or “official” tech support, it is a forum of global users, like you, who may have even purchased the kit a few years ago. I bought most of my parts about a year ago from various places around the internet; after the original set of kits sold out and before all the secondary suppliers stepped in.

It’s a kit direct from maker made.

Ok, yeah definitely use the link I sent you.

Edit: to answer your subject question: I don’t know what came with the USB. You do need to download fw to the arduino (I would assume makermade is not preloading fw on arduinos). The link will explain everything.

Again, I’m not familiar with what makermade is shipping on their USBs but any software you get that is in a zipped file needs to be unzipped before you can use it. It is not supposed to open on its own you have to unzip the file and then you can use it as shown in the link.

Yep. Time to calibrate! :slight_smile:

In general, I would argue that firmware shipped with a kit is only going to be
up to date as of when the kit was packaged, and for most of it’s history, the
maslow has been very fast moving.

However, for some reason, we stopped making new releases in January. Development
is continuing, but releases are not being cut.

This worries me for several reasons, but it means that the version you have on
USB is probably still the current release.

David Lang

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adding a response with @MakerMadeCNC to bring them into the loop on this. If you have a question about the usb they are supplying, there is a good chance that others will also. And it will allow them to address your question directly and without having to guess their intent.

Hope your build goes well.


We upload the current version of the firmware to the USB at the time the kit is packaged. We make sure to only package small amounts of kits at a time, so we can keep up with firmware versions but sometimes a new release will come out days after.

We recommend checking to see if your installed version of the firmware is current by checking the github releases.

Feel free to reach out at if you would like some assistance getting your ground control installation working.


@Connor6764 see response from @MakerMadeCNC