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Something that’s become quickly apparent while cutting my actual sled is that my laptop screen isn’t always easily visible, depending on where I’m standing. Is there a way to output the progress of the cut to another screen or tablet/mobile etc?

I would think the easiest way to do this would be to connect another screen to your laptop and duplicate your screen to that.

yeah but I’m only really interested in the progress % and line number (along with current line) and possibly the x/y/z positions… basically this part of the screen

And unless I’m right next to the laptop it’s a bit of a struggle to see it

it would be easier to work with webcontrol to add this rather than ground

David Lang

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oooh interesting didn’t even know that was a thing. Will look into it.
Got a web-dev background so this is right up my alley :slight_smile:

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perfect, we need someone who knows the web side of things.

David Lang

For those (like me) who also didn’t know this is a thing, here’s a link: WebControl Open Beta

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Did you see this post?

My guess is that if you can ‘sniff’ and display the z-height, it should work for the % as well.
Looking on how the z-height is ‘sniffed’ from the TX pin, i guess now that it will not work for the ‘% done’ as that is not sent by the contriler as far as i can tell :frowning:

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Please do look at it! I certainly could use expert eyes telling me there’s a better way to do something (I mean that in all honesty)


Will try and find some time over the coming weeks. Unfortunately time is not something I have a lot of atm, too many projects on the go :frowning:

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Same here :slight_smile: