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Finally cut out sled

I have had the Maslow since January but just now got around to cutting out the sled (I guess this would count as first cut). Came out pretty good. Next I am planning on cutting a decorative sign for my wife. Hope that turns out. Will probably post it either way.


Came out great!!! I didn’t even know what tabs were when I started cutting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Good luck with everything and if you haven’t noticed, you have an amazing support community here!!

Smart move keeping the center cutout with the center drill. Keep that there to help mount the router.

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Wow. Is your grain vertical? That’s going to be smoother than mine (hypothesis). :sunglasses:

I have noticed that this community is very helpful. That is a big part of the reason that I purchased the system. Also have admired many of your projects

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Thanks. Drilling out a hole in the middle of my temporary sled was definitely very helpful when it came to centering the router.

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