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Finally, IT LIVES!

So, my Maslow has been collecting dust, pretty much since it’s initial frame completion over a year ago.
Tonight, that’s changed, first cuts for calibration, and then a final sled, less than .5mm out of round.


Hey! Can you let me know if you used Ground control or Web control to calibrate and run your machine?

Hey! I used Ground Control, running from a little lenovo thin client PC on a bench next to the machine.

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New sled installed, and my poorly planned initial cut hole has a couple of filler blocks in it to allow for the sled to pass over it. Now I need to figure out what to make first.

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Congrats!! If you are good with Ground Control, I highly suggest to just take a look at WebControl. I personally found it to be a little more intuitive, but it also comes with Holey Calibration. (FYSA, you should be able to transfer all of your calibration data over to WC.)

But you have it running and making chips, and that is a great day for anyone! Congrats again!! Now as far as what to cut next…you can do just about anything…my significant other always let’s me know what I “want” to cut next!! HAHA!!