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I am looking to build my own steel frame for 49" x 97" @3/4" MDF. I know I have to have 9" overhang past the sheet so the router can cut to the edge. What I am looking for is the dimensions in the X, Y, and Z axis from the top front corners for the chain pulleys. I have settled on 15 degrees off vertical, and a UHMW sled. I also plan on using 1/2" homosote as the sacrificial material as it is dimensionally stable and cheap. Foam can compress and plywood is too hard for my liking.
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Another way to ask this is what is the height of the center of the router ring to the face of the sled (for the Z axis)? I also need the dimension from the top corner of the work sheet good to the center of the motor gear. I have the kit, with Z axis, bits, router, just need to design and build the frame.

look at the spreadsheet and you can then tinker with the values to get the
performance that you want in the area you have available.

you don’t need to go 9" past the edge of the wood

you don’t need to go above the wooe
you need to go a few inches to the side of the wood
you need to go close to 9" below the wood

What spreadsheet? I am very new here.

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What spreadsheet are you talking about? The frame I am looking to build is for MDF (49" x 97") with 9" of extra material on all sides so the sled can cut to the edges of the MDF material. I am planning on a 15 degree angle from vertical, and using casters to make the machine mobile so it does not eat up shop space when not in use.

Okay, I found the spreadsheet, but what values are best for good cuts? Optimal force, optimal angle, max length based on stock chain, etc. I live by the buy/ build right, or buy/ build twice motto. I have my kit and the router, so I am wanting to build the frame asap and strat cutting.