Question about Maslows Max Pocket abililities

Running the standard Ridged router Maslow setup and wondering what the max pocket capabilities are? I have been running the standard 0.05 drop from Makercam but its really slow and I have a feeling the Maslow can handle more but don’t want to overwork the machine. I am cutting button holes for an arcade control panel and would like to get the whole thing done much faster then I have been.

I use .1 inch or .125 inch for a hole with a .125 bit. and more for a .25 bit.

I’m using a 1/4 in bit.

It depends on bit diameter, but with my 1/4 inch bits, I have been using 0.15 - 0.25 drops without any issue. 0.15 is a bit cleaner than 0.25, but I tend to do post cut sanding anyway. The rule of thumb is that you can Z step up to the diameter of the bit, so 1/8 bit = max 0.125 per drop, 1/4 bit = max 0.25, 1/2 bit = max 0.5, etc… if you go farther than this, it wont damage the router, but it might cause issues with the bit overheating.


This helps a lot thank you!

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Nick, I have had no problems with dividing the profile cuts in thirds. .27 usually. So a pocket op should be easier. Am I understanding that you are hogging out the button holes? You could profile op them, right?