Rigid R22002 e-ring

Hi all,

When taking my router apart to do the z-axis bushing mod, I snapped the e-ring that secures the lead-screw on the z-axis. Does anyone know of any low-cost sources? The cheapest I found was $1.99 for a single one on a replacement parts website.

It’s item 11 on this diagram:

Link to manual: https://cdn2.ridgid.com/resources/media?key=09f9c438-97f3-432b-b1f8-06304f469e11&languageCode=en&countryCode=US&type=document


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Hey Andy,
I Know is more $ but Harbor Freight has a assortment Kit with 300 pcs for $6.99.

I Know!!! What will I do with the other 299 pcs?..

Also if you have a Ace hardware store near you, I know they have it, I had to replace some on my son’s remote control car…



Awesome thanks Gustavo!

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I purchased a box like that for an appliance repair a few years ago. Still waiting to use the set again. :laughing: I bet I’ll be glad I have it when I can complete a repair right then and there.

Agreed Mike. I did call into the hardware store today and found various e-rings available in singles from 50-80c each. They were of a much higher quality than the multipacks, seemed thicker steel. So that might be a route to take if we suffer additional breakages down the line.