Where to buy Replacement Ring Hardward?

Where can I buy a replacement ring?

I left the CNC machine unattended for 10m and the chain got wrapped up itself and mangled the ring.

you can probably just put that in a vice to straighten that out, if not
gmail.com does small parts laser cutting, just email him the files. He will be much cheaper than most local laser cutters. He tends to charge the same price for one or ten of the same item, while most local laser companies will charge you much more for just a single piece.
you will need to bend the new piece in a vice or similar tool.

you could call up a local waterjet/laser shop and ask them to cut a replacement.

other than that, replace the ring with one of the linkage kits.

The rings are fairly expensive to make.

David Lang

thanks to you both,

i actually already have a linkage kit (bought before my maslow arrived with the ring kit) so I will prob give that a shot. for now i have just banged it back into rough shape.