Round Bevels on Maslow CNC?

Hi. I’m a bit new to Maslow and CNC in general. I was wondering if the Maslow CNC is capable of cutting/carving round edges (bevels). I don’t need 5/6 axis 3D, but I was just wondering if this can do full 2.5d. Thanks in advance!

Should be able to do that with a V-carve bit or a round tip bit.

Thanks! Which of those would you recommend?

Round tip bits will be ‘better’ for carving other curves, in general, ymmv, etc.
Another option if all of the round edges are the same radius is to get a bit of that radius.
Cut the part out using a standard straight bit on your maslow, and then put the half round bit in your router and run it around the edge by hand to do that part.

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Gotcha. Thanks for the help!

manually using a round over trim bit is very easy. Even people that have never done it before can get good results. it can of couse be done via cnc, but doing it by hand might actually be faster.