Need help: is Maslow able to cut out designs like this?

Hey guys,

I am ready to purchase my first Maslow kit but wanted to find out if I’ll be able to cut out designs like this? Any feedback provided will be greatly appreciated. Dua Boy (Ball).pdf (517.5 KB)

It certainly can cut it (once you convert it to gcode) but just know that router bits (being round) cannot produce sharp inside corners. Corners, such as the laces, will be radiused based on the radius of the router bit. The smaller the bit, the smaller the radius.

Would I need a sled to cut it or I can cut without a sled to begin with?

I am looking to have this cut in like 12x12"

Please, see this guide

Hey eastbay
Thanks for the url.

So you guys recommend making sure to have a sled to start with on my first cut?

Versus using a hand-cut sled? If you can make the sled well (i.e., accurately), there’s no real reason you have to cut one with the machine.

Some people are saying these types of designs are too intricate to cut with a cnc router and the artwork would break from the vibration.

Do you guys agree?

no, the amount of vibration depends on the machine and how aggressive your cut
is, but with the proper care you can cut very fine details.

David Lang

Are you wanting to cut the intricate parts all the way thru the wood or just partial thickness? IMO more detail could be achieved with a v bit.

A vbit is a good recommendation because one of the challenges with straight bits and intricate detail is that sometimes small parts break off, either from the bit being nearby cutting or the sled riding over the surface. With a vbit, those small parts will have more structural integrity.

That will be so cool to carve in acrylic and add some LEDs to it, like i made this one for my Brother .

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How did you get the acrylic to stick to the base with the light?

The LED sits inside of a box inside of the acrylic black box and the top has a slot to slide the clear acrylic in.