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Selecting order of cuts in makercam?


Thank you for the walk through! I’ll see what this can do for me in shop soon!


Last update:

Here is the final cut, no failure accept I made some design errors and my bit was trashed so time to change it out. Here are some pics of the project.


That’s awesome! My brother in-law and I were just talking about making an arcade. It looks good!


I build customs cabinets for clients, I used to build them all by hand but it’s one of the reasons I got the Maslow. Not sure it’s exactly saving me time but it’s definitely improving the quality of my work. It’s a side gig next to my real job but I enjoy it so it’s more of a fun hobby then a get rich deal.


Is it just the control panel that is taking 4 hours to cut or is that a different job?


Yeah just the control panel but I am working on shrinking that time but unfortunately my router retainer clip took a shit, so I have a new one on order.


Since they were all through holes, why not just cut around the Perimeter, and step down in Z with a small Tab left in place.
Then use a Vibrating Multi-Tool with a Narrow Blade to cut the remaining tab off.

for a 1" think panel, and make 7 full circular passes at 1/8 depth, and the 8th, Last pass is a Partial circle Leaving a 1/4 wide uncut tab.

Alternatively, mark the Center of each hole, manually Drill a small Pilot hole, and put a Screw in to hold the Slug from falling out.

Then just make 8 circular Passes, and not worry about the TAB cuts.
Probably cut your time down to about 1 minute a hole total…
including your time to put the screws in and remove them later…
might take you 30 minutes total.

A 2" diameter hole has a circular Circumference of about 6.3 inches
x 8 cuts = about 50 inches.
50 inches / 32 ipm = 1.5 minutes to cut a 2" diameter hole. maybe call it 2 minutes
a 1 inch diameter hole, will maybe take 1 minute…
Shallow depth of 1/8 inch at fast 32 ipm feed rate.
use A new 1/4 Carbide Single Flute cutter at 10,000 rpm.
that is a .0032" chip load… 8,000 rpm would be better.
32ipm / 10,000 rpm = .0032 advance per revolution. with a single flute it a chip of .0032"
on a double flute then it is 1/2 that or .0016" chip per flute.

part of why the Cutters get Dull, is rubbing the wood away and generating too much heat.
you need the Flute to Dig in and CUT a chip, not rub at the wood surface.
the tool will stay sharper longer with a proper Chip load.

some ideas to Speed up the process…