Selecting shape or path in Ground Control

Apologies ahead of time if this has been asked before. I’ve looked and haven’t found this topic yet. Question: In Ground Control, is it possible to skip ahead, go back to a previous cut, or select what the next cut should be? This is a very linear process and I find that because of small errors it would be beneficial to redo or skip ahead to another path in the gcode.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Sometimes when I hit the “Stop” button in Ground Control the job completely resets and I’ve got no option but to sit there and let it go again from the beginning. Is there something I missed?

these buttons allow you to do that.
Also, I would recommend using the Pause button as long as its not an emergency. The pause will hold your position/line in the gcode.


A good question, and ‘yes, you can’! That is, you can skip to the next, or previous z-axis command with the >Z and <Z buttons. It helps if you know the line number near the Z you want to jump to, as you can type that number int ‘GoTo’ to make that the next line to execute.


This thread has some good information in it as well.


This forum is alive! Thank you ScrumdyBum and blurfl. I appreciate the quick reply :smiley:


keep in mind that g-code is very stateful, there may be an instruction at the
very beginning of the file that changes how an instruction 50,000 lines later

when you jump around the file, you don’t know what things like this you may be
skipping over.

you can usually get away with it, but sometimes it will break things

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