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Selling my Maslow CNC - SOLD

I all,

I am selling my Maslow CNC router. Sad to see this cool looking machine go but I have upgraded to a 5ft x 10ft CNC router with a 4HP spindle. I bought the Maslow and used it for 4 or 5 projects and it worked great every time.

The machine details:
My Maslow is hung from 3 hinges that allow it to fold up against the wall to save space.
As far as space goes the machine is 12ft long x 9ft high. It sticks out from the wall 20in.
I have upgraded the z axis to a linear C-beam slide to allow for a smooth z plunge into the material you are cutting.
This machine also has a dust collector attachment, so all you have to do is attach a shop vac or dust collector and it won’t make a large mess.

I am NOT selling my router with this because I still use that all the time, however I AM selling the DWP611 router attachment with this. So you would need a router to do the cutting.

I’ll be selling it for $660.

I would be happy to answer any questions that anyone might have.



Hi Dillan, im interested could You give me more info at, could You send it to Poland?

The Maslow is SOLD.