Divorce sale - 31" x 32" CNC router

Hello everyone, because of my upcoming divorce I have to sell both of my CNC routers.

I have a 31"x32" R7 router made by SWM3D. I’ve added several major upgrades and has a custom water cooling, enclosed, 6 fan radiator for the router spindle. It is also mounted on an extruded aluminum base and then that is mounted to a 40"×40" Kregg mobile workbench. I have added several safety kill switches and the included Windows 10 PC and monitor are both mounted securely to the frame for complete mobility. Seriously, you can disconnect the power cords and move everything around your workshop with one hand. This router can be used for fine detail cuts and 3d reliefs. It is strong and extremely accurate.

It is located in Pembroke Pines, Florida 33027. I want $2,200, you will have to figure out shipping for yourself. Let me know if you have any questions.

Here are some pictures https://1drv.ms/f/s!AnVZAYF4in9BiekHl0hRP4eW7ikOLg

The arcades and the Star Wars Rocking horse were cut on this CNC machine.

would sell separate? if so price for each?

I’d do 1.1k for maslow setup and 2.1k for the SMW3D. I’m gonna try posting pics soon. Are you in local?

Hi, I am in almost local, interested only in Maslow. I need full detailed pics about it. What do you mean with “extremely accurate”?

The other cnc is extremely accurate.

The maslow has been calibrated several times to get it as accurate as possible. I’m gonna post images soon.

pics have been posted on original post

Take a look at the original post as I added pics and some video on the Maslow.

The pics/video require signing in with a Microsoft account. Do you have an option to share them without this?

If the timing was better I’d take a look at it, but we won’t be in SW FL until late October or so.
Depends on Mrs. Moose and she’s not saying

Not sure why, there should be a way to look at it without a Microsoft account. Maybe some small print on the bottom of the message you see.

Log in or create an account, plus something about a SharePoint url. This is Android/Chrome on my G5+.

Chromebook just finished updating … Interestingly that does let me in. Odd

I’d come look at the R7 if I were in Bokeelia already. What type of controller (USB, parallel port, ?) hardware and software are you using? Is that an 800W water cooled spindle?

I see all pictures without account on Ubuntu with firefox.

USB controller. Yup, 800 watt, water cooled spindle. Nema 23 motors. I use chillipepr to talk to controller. I upload my gcode to it via a browser.

Grbl based controller? I really need something supporting a 4th axis (for rose engine simulation/ornamental turning) but am not adverse to replacing an inexpensive controller with something like a smoothieboard.

Probably a moot point, bad timing on my part

Its is Grbl based. Take a look at the pics. You can easily swap the current one for something else.

I would like to take a look at your Maslow. I am local

I’ll be available this weekend if you want to pass by. Let me know what time works for you. I have a doctor appointment at 11am, but will be free afterwards.

Mooselake, let me know when/if you are coming around.

Early November. It’ll be our first winter in the new house so we’re figuring it out as we go, this time will including moving some furniture, etc. Mrs. Moose has committments next month too. Right now I’m an 1800 mile drive away, plus the trip from the Ft Meyers area. Don’t hold it for me, but keep us updated

Sorry about your situation, know you’re in a tough spot

No worries. I just wanted to sell it before the divorce. I’ll update this thread as things progress or if any of the machines have sold.