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Selling (unused)


Happy Holidays

Is with great sadness that I have to let go my kit.
It never got installed or pulled from plastic bags.

I’m selling my kit $485 (free S&H + tracking num).

Anyone interested let me know (PayPal preferred payment method).

I will rush to USPS Office as soon as “cash” gets deposited.


Is this the newer kit with the ring system? If so I’m interested


Welcome to the forum!

I’m not selling it, but from the picture the white C with the V-bearing seems to tell that you are right with the ring kit. Z seems to be not in the picture but on the list above.


All that is required is Router and frame, I have to let go (change of priorities)

H Holidays


Does it have the z axis also?


It does


Juan I’m interested how do we do the transaction


Has this been sold? If not Seriously interested.