Setting up files in EstlCam

I new to CNC machining (haven’t cut anything just yet). I have a file set up in EstlCam that I want to cut and I think I’m ready to export it over to Ground control as a .cn to convert over to gcode but Estlcam is asking me what postprocessor I’m using. What post processor should I enter? Am I even on the right track or do I need to export the file as something else out of EstlCam?

In the postprocessor list there is the maslow option, I always select it.


Thanks, for some reason that option (and a lot of others) were just straight up missing in my copy of EstlCam (that I downloaded straight from EstlCam’s official site). So I ended up uninstalling it, redownloading it, reinstalling it and maslow was in the list of options now.

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Grbl will work

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