Etlcam controller

Is there a way to use the controller in Etlcam ?

I think it might be possible with the M2 because it is fully GRBL compatible but @MakerMadeCNC would need to verify that

Thank you , is there another program I can use instead of ground control?


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The stock maslow firmware in mostly grbl compatible, but there are a number of
maslow specific commands (used for calibration and setting various settings),
you could type those in if your controller software lets you send arbitrary code
to the machine, but if it tries to validate that you are sending valid code, it
will block you.

David Lang

I use estlcam with my maslow, no issues.

So you use the Etlcam controller?

yes estlcam is good for the $40 I paid. It’s pretty easy t add tabs and get cutting.

I have been using it to develop gcode but not to control the Maslow. I have never tried the controller. Any special programming to use the controller?

you shouldn’t need any, just keep WC around for when you need to do things like
calibrate or reset the chains.

David Lang

Thanks I will give it a try.

I don’t know how to set up to use Etlcam as a controller. Do I need to upload something to the adreno.


no, first calibrate the maslow with WebControl or GroundControl, then shut those
down and tell etlcam that you have a grbl machine connected and how to talk to
it (what serial port, etc).

don’t know how to do that in etlcam (haven’t tried it)

David Lang

yep just set to as grbl and it works fine.